What we improves

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A. Improve NGOs accessibility and presence at all levels of the United Nations

B. Enhance the effective engagement of NGOs with the United Nations

C. Strengthen the dialogue between the United Nations and Non-governmental organizations

D. Engage NGOs to work together on issues of common interest

E. Education / Capacity Development

F. Work in partnership with UN civil society focal points

G. Advocate on the Principles and Goals that NGOs and United Nations share

  • To provide children a holistic education for their development.
  • To give children a conducive environment which provides them freedom to foster creativity and curiosity.
  • To ensure Education for all by providing free-of-cost remedial education to underprivileged children.
  • To help children in choosing the right career path for them and provide opportunity and guidance for the same.
  • To help rural women learn vocational skills.
  • To help women in attaining financial independence.
  • To create relicable models for the country.
  • To bridge the gap between urban and rural India.
  • To create a cycle of giving back. Where talent gives back to their homes instead of flowing towards urban cities.