Dr. Sunil kumar
( Guide )

This person is very rich in prsonality and thinking is very positive and he is also a professor in Delhi University and he loves to work in social welfare.

Mr.Raj kishor ( Director of CSWF )

He is Director of Chandravanshi social welfare foundation (CSWF) , they have very broad minded person they have do something for child that have very poor category belongs , He lost their parents at age 4 years he knows that what problem come in child grown . Becauses children are future of any country, that why they come in front of social and take decision to do something for future of our country. 

Mr. Srikant singh
( General Secretary )

He is very passionate for his work and every time he thinks about our social Welfare  

Mr. Rohit singh chandravanshi
( Finance Director )

He is a person were put all the effort into their work when he do.

Mr. Kumar surya ( Secretary )

He is very polite in nature toward their work and takes solid decisions towards social welfare .


Mr . Ravikesh singh
( Media Manager )

We aim to Conduct our Business ethically and in a manner that I’d respectful to all we achieve this by alignig our goals with our sic core values.

Mr. Vijay singh chandravanshi

Supriya ji, social Worker

Yasmin, Volunteer

Mukesh kumar, Member